About me

My name is Linn, and I am a earthy person driven by a passion for holistic health and sustainability - Individual, collective and planetary. For me, they are all connected! My journey took off 15 years ago, and I have since explored both outer and inner realities. During these years I have lived in 6 different countries, studied sustainable development and worked with environmental and health protection questions, as well as a lot of other human related and social work. On a personal level, I have explored how to best optimize health through everything from more systematic biohacking to more intuitive exploration. I have always loved movement and being in my body, even though life and events along the way made me less in touch with my body's wisdom and my emotions over many years.

Tantra entered my life 6 years ago, and has been one of my absolutely most transforming tools in life. For me, tantra is very much about presence, authenticity and intimacy - Being able to get closer to yourself and others, and embracing all that life is. Getting closer to our core. Daring to explore the unknown, and meet new or forgotten parts of yourself. To get more in touch with the body. For me, tantra includes everything about what it means to be human - our darkness, our light, and not least the relationship to our life force - our sexuality. Our bodies possess an incredible self-healing ability, and hold so much more wisdom, pleasure and capacity than we can imagine.

My belief is that the path to health and sustainability goes through us starting with ourselves - Creating this within ourselves and then spreading rings on the water where we pull forward in the world. Over the years, I have gathered life experience and participated in various courses, workshops and trainings that gave me many tools to be able to support people to become the most alive and authentic version of themselves. Among other things, I have done following trainings: